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Tell me about yourself - Sept 6, 2022

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  • Tell me about yourself - Sept 6, 2022

    Please, share your story in that format:
    * What is your education
    * What is your work experience
    * Why career change (what was wrong with your previous profession)
    * Why QA
    * How you see yourself professionally in 5 years

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    My name is Roza Keikina
    1. My Education is an Economics Bachelor's degree
    2. My work experience as an IT project manager in Kazakstan
    3. I need to start in the US because now I have some problems with English/
    4. I don't want to change the industry
    5. I hope to return to the IT Project Manager with new skills and experience. And I will make more interesting software projects.


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      I have a university degree in Mechanical engineer from Ukraine.

      Upon graduation I opened up my Real Estate business.

      Immigration to US was perfect situation to started a new life at a new pace.

      I worked as an assistant administrator in Rehabilitation Center.

      I liked my job but I was also interested in career change as well.

      My friend is a software engineer and she recommended me to the company where she worked before.

      And for 3 years now I have been enjoying life doing software testing.

      I am QA career minded.I want to grow professionally. That is why I am here talkin to you.
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        I have a Master’s degree in Environmental Protection.
        After university I started my working history from a government position in state ecology department like person who check company documentation for waste and air pollutions with meeting government and law requirements, and prepared
        permeation documentation.
        So, how it was a first QA based experience in my life.
        After that I started an international business with my wife, based on her hobby.
        I developed whole business processes, communication with customers etc.
        Now all is working semi-automated
        and that’s why I’m looking for a fulltime position in QA.


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          My name is Iana Stoian
          I finished my GED in USA.My previous job was Kindergarten teacher,I love kids but for me seems that in QA testing I can use more of my capabilities.In 5 years I plan to be a Project Manager.


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            Hi! my name is Pavel
            I have no special education only high school.

            It just so happened that after I moved to the usa I worked for three years as an information technology technician at a college and I did my job well
            During that time, the college was working on their website and sometimes I would find bugs there. For that, the person who developed the site called me a toaster.

            I didn't understand why of course. My boss explained that he said tester, not toaster. That's how I found out about the QA softwear profession.
            Then the covid happened and I was laid off.

            I changed a few jobs and I remembered that I liked to test the website. I started to study this profession. There is a lot of information on the internet, but no tutor.

            In Testing I like the idea of being a user advocate and the fact that this job involves an analytical mindset.
            I want to learn more.
            In five years I really want to have a lot of skills and grow as a QA professional

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              My name is Anastasia.
              I graduated from Academy of Public Administration with the bachelor’s degree of economics and management.
              I have 2 years of experience as logistics specialist along with promotion to supervisor position in a transportation company.
              After I moved to US I discovered new profession and I became a barista in the coffee shop. At that time it was the best job opportunity for me, I was motivated to improve my English skills, to involve myself into American environment and to try something new. After 2 years as the barista I was promoted to manager position.
              After a year as the manager I realized that this job gave me everything I needed, there was no more opportunities to grow at that company, but I needed more, I can do more. So I decided to change my life radically and took Software QA course by Portnov Computer School.
              Why QA? Because I have a lot of friends who is working in different fields of IT and they motivate me. I like problems solving, I pay attention to details, I’m creative and responsible, so I think the QA is the best for me to start new carrier in IT.
              In 5 years I see myself on the manager position if there will be opportunity for that. According my previous experience I’m a person who gets promotions rapidly because of my professional and personal skills. And I see myself improving my skills all the time to become a real professional.


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                My name is Denis Gribeniuk.

                In 2011, I received a master's degree in electrical engineering, electromechanics and electrical engineering from the Far Eastern State University of Railway Engineering.

                Since 2008 and up to the present day I have been working in railway transport at JSC Russian Railways

                I decided to change my profession because in the near future I plan to immigrate to the USA with my family.

                What attracts me most in QA is the opportunity to develop my brain and get a high salary, which directly depends on your brain skills and abilities.

                Five years later, I see myself as a QA manager.


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                  Hello, my name is Andrew.

                  I have recently graduated from Northeastern University with a bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems.

                  While studying at the university, I have earned 1.5 years of experience as a Software QA Analyst at different companies.

                  During my second year of college I realized that I want a profession that would allow me combine two of my biggest interests: IT and business. QA is a perfect fit, as I start my career on technical roles and hope to move up the ranks to managerial / lead positions, where I'd be able to use both my technical experience and university knowledge.

                  In 5 years I see myself as a Senior QA Automation Engineer with a big luggage of skills & experience, preparing to move up to a QA Lead position 2-3 years later.


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                    Hi, my name is Nataliia, I'm a teacher of biology. My work experience is about 10 years. The reason for my changing career is immigration. I love solving logical puzzles. Testing is a kind of solving a logical puzzle. I never give up until I finish something. I love helping and interacting with people. I like everything I do to be well-organized. So, I chose Software Testing as a career. After five years I'll be a professional in a QA organization.


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                      My name is Vitaliy.
                      * I have one diploma DBA and second is SQL
                      * I had experience with Lotus Notes/Domino before worldwide financial catastrophe.
                      * I wanna get more knowledge in IT industry with Portnov Computer School
                      * In 5 years, probably professional in QA testing.
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                        My name is Mark. I have an EE degree. For the past 18 years I have been working in the energy sector. My real passion, however, has always been IT. I am finally getting ready to act on it. 5 years from now I'd like to see myself working remotely in the IT sector.


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                          Hello, my name is Malina.
                          I have a bachelor’s degree from Romania in Food Science, and a second bachelor’s degree in Dietetics in the US. As for my work experience, I have a strong background in management in Romania. Since we have moved to the US, five years ago, I have enjoyed tutoring English Second Language to non-native college students for almost 2 years. I am perfectionist, a constant and an avid learner which is why I believe I will excel in QA as I am dedicated 100% in everything I do. In five years from now, I see myself surpassing any obstacles, growing and accumulating as much experience in QA as possible, and collaborating with a great team.
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                            Hello, my name is Oksana.
                            I have an Economics Bachelor's degree in Ukraine. I've been working in customer service in gaming industry for the last seven years in US. I handle a different issues such a billing issue or hijacking user's accounts. I do a lot of research and compare data to figure out what going on account and how I can help customer. I like to investigate and pay attention to a lot of details. That is why, I would like to change my profession to QA tester. Also, software testing offers excellent career growth opportunities. In 5 years I would like to gained automation tester skills and become a Senior QA Automation Engineer.


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                              Hello. My name is Stanislav.
                              I have a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and second one in Software Development.
                              Previously I worked for more than 4 years as an Engineer at a Nuclear Power Plant.
                              My responsibilities were maintaining software of the Full Scope Simulator computers and fast troubleshooting of software issues.
                              With my previous profession I feel burnt out, and coming to the Canada was the turning point for a career change.
                              I like the Software Testing because it is kind of "detective" work. You are looking for bugs as a detective looking for clues.
                              In 5 years I see myself as a QA Automation Engineer.
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